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"Overcoming Obstacles: Filming A Beautiful Wedding at the Historical Meadow Brook Hall"

This is a screen grab from a wedding video I shot at Meadow Brook Hall in Michigan

Today was a day that I will always remember as a videographer. I had the opportunity to film a beautiful wedding at the historical Meadow Brook Hall. The venue was breathtaking and the couple's love for each other was evident. I was excited to capture all the special moments of the day for Rachel and Jayson.

But as I was getting ready to capture the most important shot of the day, the bride and groom's kiss, my camera suddenly shut off and wouldn't turn back on. In that moment, my heart dropped, and I felt a wave of panic set in. I knew that if I didn't act fast, I would miss the shot and the whole wedding video would be ruined.

A photo of Meadow Brook Hall at night after a wedding.

But I am always prepared, I had my backup camera nearby, and I managed to quickly switch to it and capture the shot just in time. It was a close call, but I was relieved that I was able to salvage the situation. I did have a second camera angle set up on a tripod but it had a wide angle lens and was a little far away for my liking. I also prefer moving shots over stationary shots so I am glad I had that 3rd camera with me..

Once I got home to edit the footage, I encountered another problem. One of my SD cards would not work and my computer couldn't read the SD card. But thankfully, my Sony A7Siii has duel memory card slots and records to 2 SD cards at the same time. This allowed me to recover the footage from the other SD card.

It just goes to show that as a videographer, it's important to be prepared and have a plan B. Even when things don't go as planned, having a backup plan can save the day. I am grateful that I was able to capture the special moments of this wedding at the historical Meadow Brook Hall. And even though the day was filled with unexpected obstacles, I was able to overcome them and deliver a great final product to the happy couple.

Meadow Brook Hall at night after filming a wedding.
Meadow Brook Hall At Night

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